Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing Tara

Hi there! 

Welcome to my little corner of the web! I'll be your Tararist this evening.  Since this is my first post, I'll give you a little introduction. I am Tara. I'm mother to an awesome eight year old boy, a social media addict, and a woman with a lot of opinions.  Hopefully, this blog will give me a chance to share them.

One thing you'll soon learn about me is that I'm a very silly person. I'm fairly certain that I do have serious thoughts, but I can honestly tell you that they do not come out very often.  I believe everything in life is grist for the humour mill, and I live life every day with this in mind. 

That said, this blog will likely be a little bit of everything, some happy, some sad, some silly, and some serious. I hope you will join me on my journey. I promise it will be an adventure.



  1. Love it and can't wait to see your trials, tribulations, and adventures!

  2. Hey Tara,
    I love the title of your blog. I'm looking forward to the doing the Geek Girls Blog Challenge with you.


  3. You da bomb!!!! I willenjoy following VERY MUCH!!!

    McBecky :)