Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keeping Myself Amused.

Good evening!

So, the boy is gone for at least part of spring break, and Mama has a need to stay amused. This is not easy, since apparently parenthood erases part of your memory.  For some reason, I can't remember what it is that I used to do for fun when I was alone pre-David. It's just gone. I'm pretty sure I did something, but I couldn't tell you what it was. 

Yesterday I managed to waste an entire day doing nothing, and that just didn't sit well with me. I decided that today would be different. But how?  Hmmm.  What a dilemma.

Well, as some of you may know, I've been writing a blog for my sock monkey. It started innocently, I took the monkey to the museum and started taking photos, which I shared on Facebook.  People seemed to really like him, and so, he started going to more and more places and taking photos.

Recently, a friend suggested that I send him off to various places, and have the people who receive him take photos and spread his adventures. I've decided to do it.  For his first trip, he's going to the East coast of Canada, and from there he's taking a trip to Mexico. Should be fun! I can't wait.

Since he's going to be gone for a while, I thought I would take him for a "picture walk" around town and see what we could see. That is how I chose to spend my afternoon. And what a good time we had! We walked through Memorial park, and to the Manitoba legislative grounds, past the Bears on Broadway (oddly enough no longer on Broadway, hehehe) and then to the Forks and through the Exchange district home. So much fun!

I hope you enjoyed the sampling of photos. If you want to see more, head over to his blog at  or 'like' him on Facebook! Froot Loops The Sock Monkey

Leave a comment below letting me know what you think!


Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Big Sleep" or lack thereof.

Good morning!

So, here I am, once again doing my little late night blog posting. I'm not sure what exactly it is that  makes this time of day so good for blogging, but it works.  I either can't sleep, or don't want to sleep, who really knows the difference. 

I'm sure I really should be sleeping, like all the sensible people, but since I'm up, I might as well be productive, right? Actually, some of my best stuff, from videos to poetry to blog posts have been done around this time of day (it's 4am) so there must be something to it, right?

Sigh. I know it will catch up to me at some point, but I'll deal with that when it comes up.  In the meantime, I think this song title pretty much sums it all up: I'll sleep when I'm dead.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finding My Voice

Afternoon, all.

I know this is sort of a recurring theme here, but I think that when something keeps popping into your head, you really need to explore it.  2011 is my year of self discovery, or, rather, re-self discovery.  I don't really know what sparked it, but I have to say that I have learned an awful lot about who I am, who I want to be. Turns out that I'm a lot different than who I thought I was.  

I've often considered myself shy and introverted, socially a bit awkward.  Most of my friends seem to think otherwise.  It took a lot of work to put myself out there for the first time.  And people responded really well.  At first, I thought that being my friends, they were just humouring me. But then I realized that real friends don't do that. Real friends will tell you straight up whether you are doing something good, or whether you should just keep your mouth shut.

And so, I carried on. I "put myself out there," as it were, and the more I did it, the easier it got. The more positive feedback I got, the more I wanted to say what was on my mind, without fear. I started participating more in discussions, and not fearing that no one wanted to hear what I had to say, or worrying that I wouldn't be qualified to participate. 

To that end, tonight I am going to be participating in a panel discussion about cosmetic surgery. I'm nervous, sure, but I know I'll do fine. It's all a learning process here, right? I'm going to  say what I think, and learn from the other women on the panel. And, above all, I am going to have fun. If you want to listen, stream it  live tonight at 8:30 central time at  If you listen, tell me what you think!

I have a voice, and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm going to use my silly voice, my serious, my  mommy voice, and whatever other voices are in there! Have YOU found your voice? What's it saying! Leave a comment!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Open Letter To The Cats

Dearest Cats,

First, let me just say, that I love you all dearly. You have been wonderful companions to us. Lately though, I must say, you've been a bunch of jerks.

Trouble: Face it dude, Layla is just not that into you.  I know you worship her, but she is a fancy cat, and you are a plain old domestic shorthair.  Move on.  Stop following her around and antagonizing her. No means no.  And stop crying, for Pete's sake!

Layla: I get it, Trouble is a pain.  You don't like him.  That's fine.  But do you really need to hiss at him every time he's even remotely near?  He's not always out to get you.  Calm down.

Spike: Oh, my quiet and solemn little buddy. I love you so.  You are a gentle soul... except when it comes to your brother, and that's what Trouble is.  He's your brother, and you love him, so stop using him as a punching bag! It's not nice!  

I hope that you guys can take the advice I've given you and put it to good use. You're making me crazy with your stalking, and your anger, and your kitty restraining orders. Something needs to give here, ya know?

The Hand That Feeds You.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling Inspired.

Afternoon all.

So, this sort of goes back to a post about art that I wrote about a week ago. I've been thinking a lot about this topic, and what is and isn't art. Well, more like obsessing. 

Last night, I visited my artist friend's studio space, and my eyes were really opened to all the beauty in the world. It's not normally something I would do, in fact, upon being asked, I probably would have told you I wouldn't enjoy all that "artsy fartsy crap."

But, I left my comfort zone, which has been a huge issue for me. I tend to stick to myself, and the same boring activities. I tend to get uncomfortable around groups of people.  You know what though? It was fantastic! I think it was helpful  that I went with only two people, and they were people I trust. There was so much there to see and do, and I soaked it all in, and before I knew it, I just wanted to create.

To that end, I wrote a couple of new poems last night using those little magnet words. I found it so interesting, because the words are there, you just have to use them.  They're unedited, for the most part, because I find that I tend to second guess myself so much when I write that it loses all the original feeling.  


Languid beauty
sky goddess
delicate mother, please whisper
who but me aches after we part?
A sweet symphony of luscious time
above the void...
I fall with you.


chocolate finger,
enormous lust beneath the picture
manipulate through the spring garden and trudge deliriously
Elaborate the light, and think summer
Drive fast and leave no shadow, but stop and dream.
Vision is gorgeous
love the moment
smell my honey.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woohoo! A break!

Morning, all.

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but it's been a rough few days, and I've been rather sleep deprived.  When you're really tired, it's sometimes hard to get your thoughts out, and so anything I posted would likely have made little to no sense. I'm back now though, almost caught up, and ready to rock and or roll.

Let me just say that I love my child with all my heart and soul, but I am very happy that he is back to school today. He's been at home recovering for a week, and, while I love spending time with him, the last few days have been a little rough.

Recovery from his surgery went quite well, but he started with a low grade fever Friday night. This is quite normal after surgery, and I was able to get it down with some Tylenol. Fine. Of course, then he'd start feeling better and drive it right back up! Kids just need to move, I get it.

Saturday night he went to bed just fine, but he got really restless during the night, and didn't get much sleep. It spiralled rapidly downhill from there, and Sunday night, he decided he didn't need to sleep AT ALL, which, as parents know, means you don't sleep either.  

So it's been a few days of child who doesn't sleep, and then gets moody and disrespectful, and at times downright hurtful. Not fun. I know that it's just a temporary thing, and that it's because his routine is all messed up, but still. It doesn't make it easier. We've been together all week, and neither of us feels well, him due to surgery, and me because lack of sleep triggers my Meniere's. We both need a break. Yay school!