Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling Inspired.

Afternoon all.

So, this sort of goes back to a post about art that I wrote about a week ago. I've been thinking a lot about this topic, and what is and isn't art. Well, more like obsessing. 

Last night, I visited my artist friend's studio space, and my eyes were really opened to all the beauty in the world. It's not normally something I would do, in fact, upon being asked, I probably would have told you I wouldn't enjoy all that "artsy fartsy crap."

But, I left my comfort zone, which has been a huge issue for me. I tend to stick to myself, and the same boring activities. I tend to get uncomfortable around groups of people.  You know what though? It was fantastic! I think it was helpful  that I went with only two people, and they were people I trust. There was so much there to see and do, and I soaked it all in, and before I knew it, I just wanted to create.

To that end, I wrote a couple of new poems last night using those little magnet words. I found it so interesting, because the words are there, you just have to use them.  They're unedited, for the most part, because I find that I tend to second guess myself so much when I write that it loses all the original feeling.  


Languid beauty
sky goddess
delicate mother, please whisper
who but me aches after we part?
A sweet symphony of luscious time
above the void...
I fall with you.


chocolate finger,
enormous lust beneath the picture
manipulate through the spring garden and trudge deliriously
Elaborate the light, and think summer
Drive fast and leave no shadow, but stop and dream.
Vision is gorgeous
love the moment
smell my honey.


  1. these are wonderful, tara...well done...and i am so glad you are taking the risk to do something outside you comfort looks good on you...

  2. one more know the "word identifier" thingy you have to type in before this site will accept one's post? the word i had to type in to post the one above was "chreat"...i am sure that is some sort of novel variation on the word create...

  3. Graci, graci. It's good to get outside yourself from time, and broaden your horizons. I can see now that no matter where our talents happen to lie, that there is always beauty in everything.

  4. Those captchas are a real hoot. Only once have I ever had one that was a real word.

  5. Those poems are really nice, Tara! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I love those magnet words and can play with them for hours. The poems you wrote are wonderful - I especially like the first one. Bravo!

  7. Thanks! I need to get my own. I enjoyed playing with them so much.