Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Big Sleep" or lack thereof.

Good morning!

So, here I am, once again doing my little late night blog posting. I'm not sure what exactly it is that  makes this time of day so good for blogging, but it works.  I either can't sleep, or don't want to sleep, who really knows the difference. 

I'm sure I really should be sleeping, like all the sensible people, but since I'm up, I might as well be productive, right? Actually, some of my best stuff, from videos to poetry to blog posts have been done around this time of day (it's 4am) so there must be something to it, right?

Sigh. I know it will catch up to me at some point, but I'll deal with that when it comes up.  In the meantime, I think this song title pretty much sums it all up: I'll sleep when I'm dead.