Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm a poetry writing machine!

Hey, all.

I hope this evening finds you well.  I'm feeling a lot more like myself, I think I had a lot of stuff in me that just needed to get out, and so yesterday's blog post was incredibly cathartic.  Phew! I feel a million times lighter.

Yesterday, I went out with my friend Kelly and her son for coffee, and a little shopping.  We ended up at a toy store, and on a whim, I decided to ask if they carried the magnetic poetry kits. And guess what? THEY DO!  I think you all remember a month or so back when I went to the art studio, and wrote some really awesome poems with the magnetic words. I've wanted my own ever since.

I got all excited, and ran up to Kelly, going, "Look what I just found?!?!?!"  I remember saying, I want them, but can't really afford to buy them, and she just said, "Can you afford not to?" Well, you can't really argue with that logic, so I bought them! Tee hee hee.

I'm not really sure what it is about the magnets that facilitate my poetry.  It's not like they contain words that are new to me or anything. I think I just like the visual aspect of it. The words are there for me to see, and I choose them based on what feels right to me. I don't over think it, I basically just let the magnets tell me what the poem should look like. Maybe that makes me sound a little cuckoo, but that's okay, it's working for me. 

This is a poem I wrote a little while ago about a person who's been causing pain to people I care about:

Ugly bitter girl,
Like a frantic drunk sausage
will sleep with a thousand men,
and heave an enormous storm.
Her sordid lies crush you.
A repulsive goddess,
She eats beauty
and drives you beneath the shadow.

This is an erotic poem I wrote yesterday!

Love shines like a thousand diamonds.
Sweet goddess lies beneath you,
Panting and moaning,
She screams as you pound together.
Her blood runs hot from the frantic play.
Whisper to her, and sing her to sleep.
The woman is beauty...
And she worships you.

Hope you enjoy those, there's sure to be more. 



  1. I so need to get these! I used to do something like this online. I wonder if I can find that site again?

  2. I actually saw a few sites that had them, but the words were very limited. And years ago, there was a magnetic words app on facebook. It may have been one of their early apps. I can't find it anymore though.

    I bought the basic set, but there are a whole bunch of specialty sets too. I plan to get more. I really really enjoy "seeing" the poem as it takes shape.

  3. Glad your feeling more like yourself! You found your inner writing godess!